Monday, 12 August 2019

Let the demotion begin!

Hi Everyone

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to comment on the last update.

Ok, here is one last picture of the offending West Wing, the old entrance hall can be seen just behind it. The task was to remove this wing and reposition the entrance to the side of the building.

This the inside left of the current hall way where the door needs to be.

Random door propped up against wall to workout scale
...and again on the outside (what will be the front facade of the house)
One last look at the wicked west wing...

I was mildly daunted at the task of removing this wing but not as much as I was dreading working out the placement of the new door and windows. Below you can see the walls removed (leaving part of the floor that will make up the pavement. I need to add a small bit on the right). The bottom right window was partially cut from a doorway in the original wall. Thanks to a huge amount of luck and tiny amount of maths I managed to cut the window out and simply flip it over to partly fill in the remaining doorway. The rest of the windows and front door then had to be cut out.

Et voila!
Everything cut out with the windows temporarily taped up to give you an idea (the door will change but the position is correct).

The "stucco' was done with strips of thick card and you can't have a terrace house without some Sue Cook pillars!

I was determined to keep a photographic record of my progress but suddenly had a spurt of energy and the house moved on to this...

This is VERY basic and I was reluctant to share it with you to be honest as it's got a long way to go (portico, weathering, more detail etc etc) but was keen to show you the direction it was going in. I think you'll agree (at last, I hope agree) that this is much more suited to the hallway and, ultimately, will be a much more manageable size of project now.

The hallway and dining room (I thought a dining room might look good open-plan to the stairs) are coming along really well and I'll share more pictures soon. I've put in an order with Susan Bembridge for more flooring and some wallpaper I took the plunge on for the salon. Oh, I better let you know what the rooms will be and where they are going! So, Entrance hall with stairs as you enter the house, with open plan dining room in front of it (it's window is bottom right, next to the front door. Behind the dining room will be a library. Upstairs at the front of the house will be a salon and then a morning room at the back of the house.

It all looks too shiny and new in this last picture but the end result will be much older with lots of weathering.

Hope you have all managed to stay with me on this one - I'll try and keep the next post shorter.

Have a great week


  1. You've certainly made good progress with this Simon. Loving it! All your staring has been time well spent and your thought process to even consider going in sideways is a master stroke. Plans for the interior sound exciting and I'm eager and ready for the next instalment.

    1. Oh thanks so much, Irene, I really appreciate it. I was worried about showing all these "progress" pictures as it's not what I see in my head,if you know what I mean.

  2. Hello Simon,

    You have not just demolished the west wing. You have positively turned things around with this house. I like where this is going. I Think the double use of the hallway is very nice as well.

    And yes, I needed something stronger than a good cup of tea to stomach this radical change. But I can handle it now. :-)


    1. Hey Huibrecht. Thank you so much for your lovely comment - I do love a cup of tea but sometimes something stronger is called for!
      I hope you enjoy the next update, a lot has happened!!
      Take care

  3. Hi Simon! You have completely transformed the character of this house! It looks much more warm and intimate this way... I agree, the first building was a bit intimidating! You have a lot of courage and trusted your instincts about down-sizing the building.(I seem to always be doing the opposite... making a project bigger as I go on! LOL!) I really look forward to seeing how the rooms develop... the floor plan sounds delightful!

    1. Thanks, Betsy, you are always so kind and encouraging. I must admit there was a point when my nerve wasn't holding but I got there in the end! There are some "prettier" pictures coming up in the next post.
      Big hugs

  4. Simon
    I love it, Im going to have to go back and look at the other photos to catch up...I never have enough hours in the day to do anything much less remodel one of my houses. so far I've only got one but Im working on another.

    Keep up the good work


  5. Goodness how quick ! I am not looking forward to doing my facade but at the rate I am going it will not be for another two years !!! Great job Simon ,, huggsss