Monday, 28 May 2018

Two sides to every storey...

Hi Everyone

Thanks, again, for all your lovely comments from my last post.

This week I have been away from home at meetings so haven't had as much time in the week as I would normally like to do minis in, however, I have managed to make some progress.

I finally decided on whether the front would open to the left or right and settled on opening from the right with the hinges on the left. With this decided I can crack on with the sides of the shop (ground floor only as I'm waiting for the upper, residential, kit to arrive later this week). I cut more MDF to create a pavement that will run down the side of the shop (as though it was situated on the corner of a street) and it allowed me to play around with where the door to the upstairs apartment would go.

Next I built the upper storey section and cut out holes for the windows, lining them up with the door on the side.

Because this kit is built up in separate sections I had to glue the first floor facade to the ground floor one, adding a piece of corner moulding for added strength.

Next up came more egg boxes! I cut out a ton of small bricks and glued them in place. It took a while but I wanted the first floor to have a brick front as the sides are going to be quite plain.

Once these were dry I missed up a dark brick colour from red, black and brown and painted over the whole lot.

By no means perfect but I was more concerned about having a brick effect rather than something that was structurally correct. Once dry I put on a coat of matt Mod Podge and left overnight. This sealed  the colour in so I could paint of it with the main exterior colour, rubbing it off slightly to expose the bumps in the bricks. I'm pleased with how it came out (my first attempt at this) and the colours will all change again when I weather the completed exterior, there will be a more brown finish to it. I also have to put the window frame in so please bear with the pics.

I also painted the inside of the two upper rooms and put three coats on the ceilings. What a difference it makes having them painted, it's so much easier to get an idea of wall colours and furniture placement. In my next post I'll update you on how the rooms are going and my plans for it all but here's a sneak peek at my final decision on the door - it took a lot of thinking and planning but I think that's the best part sometimes!

Don't panic - I will be changing the sofa. I'm also going to try a wood effect on the cabinet an make it look a little less "shop bought mahogany" and that fireplace will be going too.

Have a great week everyone.