Saturday, 23 September 2017

Any ideas?

Hi guys

Firstly, thanks for all your lovely and encouraging messages on my last post. I really appreciated you taking the time to let me know your thoughts and wishes.

Just to clarify, the marble and wood effects were total acts of God - all more luck, than judgement! I haven't done either of them before so hopefully I'll remember what I did, for next time. Also, this is meant to be one wing of a country house, you have to imagine the rest of it connected on - good job we all have good imaginations.

I'm now at another mini crossroads. I had thought I was certain with the scheme for the smaller "gallery" style room to the right of the drawing room but now I'm not so sure! WHY WHY WHY!?!

My initial idea was to create an Italianate interior, with a heavy cornice with a dark wood finish and green Palm fabric walls from Susan Bembridge (a bit like the dining room at Alnwick Castle (Google the images for an idea)). Now, however, I am erring more towards a lighter room. Still with the same cornice (which is in the picture below) but in pale creams with a slightly dusty blue paint dragged down the walls.

Yes, I know it looks terrible but this is a "warts and all" type of post 😉

The door will be tidied up!

The above pictures show the room as it is now. The cornice is not finished of course, there needs to be a finer piece of dental cornice put around the inside to finish it off, and I need to put in corner brackets underneath to finish the angle off. I made this up from left over pieces I had constructed as the front edge of balconies in a theatre project I made (there will be pics in a previous post, or search under the Theatre label). I like the way they curve underneath and add interest at the top of the wall, also helping to visually lower the ceiling. The unsightly missing chunks are roughly where the hidden spot lights will go but I can't do these until I have the cornice to "hide" them in.

If I had to choose right now I would go with the blue and cream as I think it will compliment the drawing room colour and some paper I have for the hallway beyond in a pale peach - not to mention the fact that it's the current option in my head! I've added a picture here with a pot of the blue colour and then another with a sample of the fabric held in place, you'll have to imagine the cornice painted to match the doors.

You get some idea of how it will look next to the drawing room.

Please let me know what you think about the two options - I like them both and just don't know which to go for!

Thanks as always,


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

One Year Later!

Well, "Hello, Everyone!"

I am so sorry for the terribly long absence - a whole year! So much has been happening over the past 12 months so lets cut to the chase: It's been full-on, both at work and in miniatures.

The website (Bespoke British Dolls Houses) is "live" but won't show up on Google searches yet as there has simply been no time with things taking off with mini things and huge changes at work that have lead to increased workloads. But it's all good. I have to say how sorry I am for not commenting on all your posts but I have been reading them. Giac, I know I still owe you an email.

Let's get into it...

In my "spare" time I have been slowly (very slowly!) building what is meant to resemble a country house. The theory being the family have lived there for centuries which has resulted in gradual changes to the interior and exterior. In short, this allows me to basically do what ever I want to do without the constraints of having to make the "whole" appear uniform.

The picture below shows the front porch. Please forgive the unfinished appearance of this, and all the other pictures, this is all a "work in progress" and as such there are still lots to be tidied up.

You get a better view of it from the next picture. This elevation is the narrow right hand side of the house so you will be able to see through the two columns on the left when the main house door is open. I was a little inspired by Kedleston Hall, the columns are 7" cake stand risers! I'll keep saying it but there is still a long way to go with this but the bones are in place. Yes, the bases to the columns were made from Lego bricks! I still need to add some trim round the base.

You get an idea of the layout from the next picture. The ground floor will have a entrance hall and dining room, whilst upstairs is the drawing room with a small gallery to the right with an even smaller corridor beyond that.

The first floor gallery room will be in the green Palm from Susan Bembridge. I was going to buy some paper but found a big piece of fabric left over in a drawer and thought I'd have an exercise in cost efficiency (don't you hate financial restrictions! Still, it's good to use these things up rather than have them sit in a drawer unloved). I will stretch it over thick card and put it into panels in the wall. I will also install spotlight LEDs that will be given a wood effect finish so they blend in - an attempt to make the house appear to have been modernised for the visiting public.

The fireplace was an old one I bought from Ebay years ago. It was in terrible condition after the last owner had attacked it with purple paint, but it looked like it was worth a second chance. I sprayed it with primer and then gave it a yellow marble finish and a hearth to match.

I made the picture frame out of cardboard and bits and bobs, the picture isn't fixed in place yet so looks bowed. I was quite pleased with it. The brick back was made from stuck on pieces of thin card and painted up. In this project I want to go back to basics and try to make more of the items rather than just buy them. Of course, I will be buying things, but I just wanted to get back into the crafting side of things.

I have to say, I am rather enjoying it and I'm very pleased with how my door has tried out - I have avoided the dreaded "wood effect" or years but decided to jump straight in. Some times it's worth taking a risk!

Next up, the double doors - I have been going back through old posts from the brilliant Giac and of course dear Ray Whitledge and his wonderful work (NOT that I consider myself in their league!).

OK guys, I'll post more when I have it. I'm currently stressing over the fabric panels... How can something so small create such huge dilemmas?

Have a great rest of the week, I'm off to the kettle on...