Sunday, 4 September 2016

Antique Shop: DAY 3 (part 1)

Hi Everyone

Day 3 and I'm back to more planning! This isn't a very interesting post I'm afraid but just a quick update.

There is very little floor space so I'm having to make each room work very hard! They have to be interesting yet relatively functional. This picture shows the the doorway and window in the upstairs drawing room. Below on the ground floor there will be a narrow mirrored hallway with a hint of a staircase beyond, and the shop to the left.

I aged the fireplace in a fit of enthusiasm yesterday!! I know its rather large for the space but it's the one I commissioned from the wonderful Sue Cook so I felt it had to be included.

I am currently painting the inside of the front of the house so it can be fitted on and then I can start putting a coat of paint on the walls before the paper goes on. Boring I know, but I'm going for the
same yellow paper I used before. It's a classic one for me and I never tire of it.

Some of the items you will recognise from my other white house project (Regency label). Our niece fell in love with it, rather more than me I have to say, and so it now has a new owner. Well, that is to say, I salvaged all the goodies from it before I let her at it!! Curtains, a fireplace and the furniture and pictures were all removed and put  - The antique shop offers an opportunity to re-work these in displays etc. I am so looking forward to designing the windows! I've been trolling through images on line for so long that I realise it's dark outside and time for dinner already!

So, on with painting... I'll post more when I have it - hopefully a bit more interesting!



  1. The begin - magical moments of their own these are... I am nosey,what will come next in this tiny world.
    It already promises something wonderful :))
    See you, Simon, I love your spirit, Méa

  2. Oh goodie, Day 3! I'm loving this. I'm keen to see how you approach your "hint of a staircase" as I'm looking at ideas myself for that and the rest of your plans sound great. It's nice to see your little adapted sofa making an appearance too. The idea to tart it up is so simple yet so effective. It gives the impression of being a more substantial piece - an idea I'm going to pinch, thank you! Roll on Day 4.

  3. Hi again Simon! I am excited to see you start work on the interior and thank you for answering a question which I had been silently wondering about; that is what had happened to the Regency house?
    Personally I have been in the habit of building and then destroying, giving away or abandoning my houses to the garage but not before lifting all of the good stuff out of them, but since I have never seen anything but AMAZING WORK from you, I couldn't imagine that you would do this too!?
    I am Very Relieved to know that your niece now has the opportunity to enjoy your work AND that your Beautiful sofa is going to get a second chance to be seen albeit in a new, more compact, yet Incredibly Interesting environment! :D


  4. Hi Si, I laughed when I read Irene's opening comment - oh goodie, Day 3 - for that's exactly what I said when I saw you had put up today's post :) lol. I love the fireplace Si, and I think it will look perfect in the room. I'm looking forward to seeing how you finish these wee rooms - smaller rooms are so much harder to finish that larger ones I think. It's deciding what you want to put in and what you can put in.
    All the best