Sunday, 4 September 2016

Antique Shop: DAY 3 (part deux)

Well, again hello Everyone!

Here's a [very] basic plan to give you an idea of where I am currently at with the interior layout.

I have attached the front to the building now, and it makes such a difference to the whole project, despite it still looking like a building site!

In the above pic you can see the side window (which will have the railing from the old house) and it will sit above my old favourite wall arch, as in the previous house and in my very old mansion (see throwback pics below). The first pic was taken before I attempted to age it, but you see this better in the second one.

I've cut out my arches from a piece of card (well, I ripped it off the back of a drawing pad!) and stuck it onto the side of the house. Effectively, the building will be a corner plot! I remember someone telling me (on here - I think it may have been the wonderful Irene) that it helps enormously when you know the history of the place in your mind and the people who might that live there. That reminds me, I'll be welcoming back an old friend soon...

This is what it looks like so far. the arches are the same size but they look different in the picture. It all looks pretty horrific at the moment but I'll soon fix that.

I can't wait to start fiddling with the interiors, I'm already holding pictures and pieces of furniture against the walls to get an idea. Bear with me, Elizabeth , I'll get there eventually ;-) By the way, please check out Elizabeth's Blog if you haven't already done so. She is the queen of shabby chic (I hope she doesn't mind me saying that!). Seriously though, I have spent more hours than I care to say drooling through her posts and tutorials. She's great, and, as I have from so many of your blogs, I have learned a lot from her.

This is some of the booty that I have waiting. Do people say that any more in this context? I think I prefer the old ways when not every second word could be misconstrued for a body part!

These are the sorry door surrounds that I could only remove by breaking them. Hey ho!
You won't see the mends once they are installed in their new home.

That's about it for today, more progress tomorrow. It's funny when you have a break from minis (for whatever reason) the minute you come back to it it's like you never left - only now you wish you could more! I have got a confession to make though - I spent more money today! I splashed out on some flooring paper from Susan Bembridge flooring paper. The same wooden floorboards as before. And a bargain pair of The Ironworks exterior street all lamps - they only cost me (drat! I can't find the pound sign on this American keyboard I am using), they cost me 12 pounds for the pair!!!! Unused too!!!! Cant wait to get them on the front. And hopefully the railings will arrive soon too...

Lots to be getting on with so I'll bid you all a very good night (its 21:15 here!) and I'll bother you all again tomorrow.

Sleep tight.



  1. Ahhhhh Simon! I Thank you kindly for the Shout Out but I am guilty of doing the very same thing with your blog! I am constantly making notes and quick scribbles as I peruse each and every photograph, again and again! I do believe however, that this is one of the many beauties of blogging in that you can take your time and go back and forth jumping from one continent to another with just a click of a key, and then the whole world and its ideas and information becomes one giant brain for each of us to sift through to take what we need.
    I am mesmerized by this current project of yours and so fair warning- like Irene, I've plans to be lifting an idea or two ( or three) from you too ! ;P

    elizabeth :D

    1. Yes, good point, it does become one big resource.
      i am prone to limiting myself by my own ignorance and very often don't try things for fear of failing - this applies to other aspects of my life, not just minis. I am making a concerted effort to break down the mini at I myself erected. It's very liberating!
      Thanks for the warning - feel free to lift away...

  2. Simon, are you mad?? I am hooked now! Elisabeth is... woooooooooow!!! And you too, it lookes already so ... what is the english wooord for it. Let me look it up real quick...
    Ah, now I know: Promising.
    Thank you so much for sharing all this, another WORLD is this - I love it :)
    HUgs from Méa :)

  3. Hello Si,
    I think the excitement that each blogger shows when in the midst of their project is very infectious! I love reading all the blogs and each one has me captivated and waiting on the next post. You, as I think I said before, have such good taste and portray such elegance to your buildings and interiors which just strikes a chord with me. Love this build and enjoying watching you go step by step!
    All the best

  4. This is coming along exceedingly well (you should take two weeks off more often!!) I'm loving it. Your little box of interesting items has us all, I'm sure, intrigued as to where they will end up. The plan looks good and seems to me to be making the very best of the space. Next?

  5. Hi Si,
    It is coming together well and I like your plans (nice handwriting by the way). The booty you are using will look fantastic, not sure if that word is used in that context, but I say we bring it back! Keep up the great work and I am glad you are back. I missed you!
    Big hug