Thursday, 21 April 2016

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Drawing Room Rug

Hi Everyone

As you know, I opted to go with flooring paper from Susan Bembridge throughout the house. I particularly like the "plain" floorboard option as the detail is incredible and it doesn't fight with any of the decoration.

I wanted a large rug for this room so there wouldn't actually be that much flooring visible. The rug had to have all the colours that were already in the room (pictures, furniture, ornaments etc), tone with the overall look of the room and, most importantly, not be out of scale. There are so many great mini rugs available now and I have always liked those printed on felt or suede. These, however, still sit a bit high on the floor and look a bit out of scale. After searching on line in images of rugs I stumbled across the one I have used here, printed it out in colour on A3 paper and low and behold it fitted perfectly - plenty of space for the furniture without it fighting for space and still a glimpse of the floorboards around the edge.

I don't know why the door on the left looks so out of line!

 I had thought of tacking it to the floor but I loved it so much that after leaving it in situ' for a couple of days I decide to glue it down permanently, finishing it off with a coat of matte Mod Podge to protect it. I know this is a drastic long term solution but I love this rug, the colours work so well, there is plenty of detail to fill open areas of floor and it lays perfectly flat.

The chairs will have braid around the bottom like the couch - when it arrives.

There's still a lot to do in this room before I even get close to filling it with accessories - skirting boards for a start and a decorative ceiling but I'm happy with it's progress and, more importantly, not tired of it yet!!

Have a great day and I'll post more about the study when I have it - the books (or rather "faux" books) are complete at last...

Best wishes


Saturday, 9 April 2016

A Study in Libraries

Hi Everyone

I hope your week has been a good one.

I've been busy with work and am looking forward to a weekend of mini making. First up, the morning room…

Well, to be honest, the morning room is no more. I had originally planned to have the drawing room as a grander room for entertaining and a morning room for everyday use, but after a lot of thinking and figuring out I realised, rather like the theory of one of my favourite places to visit, Chatsworth House, that if I worked on each room being the best it can be I'd be able to have more variety in the rooms I made.

So, the morning room was ditched in a bid to make the drawing room a comfortable everyday room with a touch of faded grandeur and in place of a morning room I would have a library.

Here, again, I was getting carried away with myself and whilst I'd love a huge library there simply isn't the space in my house. I wanted endless walls of books, comfy armchairs in leather, rugs, even a wrap-around mezzanine level! But, alas, there is only so much you can do in a space 7" deep and 15" wide!!

And that is how the morning room turned into a library which in turn morphed into a study.

Here's a glimpse through from the drawing room.

I wanted to still have the impression of a library so I put in shelves in one half of the room, thus being visible from other rooms too so it almost appears to be bigger than it is. It also means you don't see the whole of the next room which adds some interest.

You'll have to forgive the half finished next picture but it shows you the layout I have gone for. It allows for a small area for shelves as I've already said and then it opens out into a small but light filled area.

The ceiling appears at an angle in this picture but it isn't in real life.

Clearly, there's a lot of work still to do but you get the idea. I need to get some more flooring but that can wait 'til I've done the rest of the walls. I'm not sure on the furniture in here, I might have delicate French furniture or an armchair. Who knows?! That will be a nice problem to have later on.

I've long admired the library at Althorp House and that at Woburn Abbey, both designed by a wonderful architect called Henry Holland. Both are in a beautiful shade of white - well, several shades of white! I thought I would use this idea in my study in an attempt to make a very small space lighter and appear a bit bigger.

There will be a blue blind at the window and I need to work on the books, I also have my eye on a globe to go in front of the window.

In all I'm really pleased with how this room is turning out. It's a long process but one I am enjoying. It's funny, if you are open to it, how much you can learn about something and yourself if you allow yourself time to think and re-evaluate. I always think through things to the point of going off them before I even begin. But it has surprised me how my first ideas for this house have changed so much after I was convinced of their merit initially. The end result is one that pleases me and drives me to be more creative and inventive. What more could you possibly want from a hobby?!

Thanks for sticking it out this long, I'll put up more when I have it. Enjoy your Saturday…

Best wishes