Saturday, 26 March 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

I've been working on my mini house (name TBC) and have attached some pictures below. The drawing room is looking a lot fuller now I have ore pictures on the walls. Clearly there is still a long way to go in this room. I had a go at curtains and I'm pleased with how they have turned out. I can't tell you what a bother they were!  The ceiling is going to be embossed paper with no cornice other than the gold trim paper that you can see. The sofa was a cheap one from eBay and I added some fringing around the bottom. I like how the dark red tones with the wallpaper, I need to get a couple of armchairs to go opposite it.

This next picture shows the curtains a bit better. I managed to make the window appear higher than it actually was (despite my concerns in my last post). I like the roller blind just behind the curtains. I could not for the life of me get the fabric to drop and fold so opted to cut card and mount the fabric onto it to give the impression of hanging fabric. Not ideal but I like it. The pelmet was made from an old resin over-door I had in a drawer. There are more pictures to go on the wall but I find it really difficult deciding on the right picture!

This picture is from the left hand side window into the drawing room, the exterior will take a while to complete as I'm not sure of the colour yet. You can see how short the window really is by where the blind is.

The morning room is off to the right of the drawing room, accessed by the right hand side opening door to the house. This pictures shows the view of this side of the house. The entrance hall is on the ground floor. The morning room is not deep, only 7.5 inches and 15 inches wide. Enough space though for a cosy atmosphere for reading and games etc. A lot more relaxed and comfortable than the yellow room beyond. Its' window is just above the front door to the house. I've bought some pretty Susan Bembridge  wallpaper for this room. I'm dreading tackling another set of curtains...

As usual, I am working on one room and thinking about another! I'm planning to have dark red wall panels in the dining room (below the drawing room). I bought another amazing Susan Bembridge wallpaper for this room that I'll make in the same way I did a similar room years ago - an ancient pic below but the new red is a lot darker than this one.!!

My last picture was taken from the morning room looking through into the drawing room. I like this house because you can create vistas and interest just by opening a door, as apposed to the building being one room deep.

Well, have a wonderful Easter (I can't believe we're at the end of March already).
Best wishes

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Drawing Room beginnings

Hi Everyone

As I mentioned before the first room I am working on is the drawing room. Not for any reason other than it is usually the most impressive room in my houses and as such invariably requires more space and planning - the other rooms are easier to fit in around it. This room will have the best pieces of furniture in it (I dread to think of the cost this will involve) and whilst being formal it must appear to have been there for decades, slowly coming together over different generations living in the house. One way of creating this appearance is to have different types and styles of art. This helps to add interest but also creates a sort of believable depth to the room. On a practical note, I try not to use "white" paint too. White in the sense of "pure" or "brilliant" white. Nothing with any age is a clean crisp white and there are so many variations on the market now that I have plenty to choose from.

So, these are a few quick snaps to show my ideas for this room. I've gone back to my old favourite wallpaper that I love. The fireplace is the one I commissioned from Sue Cook Miniatures a couple of years ago and the large picture above it are all fixed in place, along with the door frames.

Please excuse the brick back, this is just temporary until the proper one arrives. The moulding detail on the chair rail etc needs to be finished but it gives an idea of the style of the room. I am trying to make it look like an old William Kent interior (the interior theme of the whole building). The empty picture frames are just there to show the arrangement.

The picture below shows the door to the left of the fireplace that leads to the staircase. I can't tell you how long it took me to come up with the right colour for the door. I finally went with a mix of brown (light and dark) black and crimson. the door handles will be put on later. I'm not sure about the height of the room and am currently thinking about raising the ceiling a bit more to include an arch running all the way round with decoration on it. What ever I end up doing there has to be space above the doorways for the pair of painting in oval frames.

The next picture shows the door to the right of the fireplace which leads to the morning room. To the right of this door I am going to put a lovely piece of furniture from John J Hodgson that I'm excited about, with a hugs mirror above it. Again, please excuse the rough looking paintwork, this isn't finished yet. In the decorative panel above the door frame I put a Prince of Wales feathers emblem, painted and guilder to fit in with the frame. I am and "out and proud" Royalist and thought it would be fun to include the feathers in the decoration. It personalises the already beautiful work of Sue Cook and gives the impression that perhaps royalty were entertained here at one point in history.

After a lot of agonising I opted for a dark oak floorboard effect paper from Susan Bembridge. This room will be covered in rugs and furniture and I didn't want the small ope spaces of the floor competing with anything else. I think it also has a nice stability to it that, despite being relatively plain, gives an "honesty" base to the room, if you know what I mean.

I'm dreading the curtains! The window is a bit small for the room and because it works with the original height of the ceiling. I will need to fix it by putting a blind over part of the wall above it to hide the fact that the poor windows are not really fit for purpose.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post.

Have a lovely day

Friday, 18 March 2016

Spring is coming

Hi Everyone!

My apologies for the long absence, things have taken off at work and I've spent all my spare time reading or buying some lovely additions to my very small mini collection.

I've started a new house - yes, another house! I'm so excited about it. It's a new kit that took four weeks alone just For all the pieces to be cut. It's a very pretty regency style house with three floors. It opens from the front for the main rooms and it opens on each side, one side for the hallway, morning rooms and bedrooms, and the other for the staircase. It wasn't meant to be like that, of course, it was supposed to have two front opening doors. But I couldn't resist changing it up to create more interest.

Here's a quick picture of the front main side to give you an idea, it's early days but I have altered it slightly to the instructions...

I don't know why, but I always end up filling empty rooms with bits and pieces that I am trailing. Do you do that too?

As well as adding two extra access doors I increased the height of the first floor rooms. The kit allows for 10" high ceilings on the ground and 8.5" on the next two floors. Luckily the outside shell of the building is higher still so I was able to keep 10" on the ground and now have 12" high rooms on the first. With 9" on the top floor. I'm pretty happy with that. here are a couple of very rough plans to show the layout. The opening side to the build are numbered 1 to 3.

Well, I'll get back to it and update you when I have some more to show you. I'm starting with the drawing room because, well, I always start with the drawing room! 

Have a great weekend