Thursday, 8 October 2015

Memory Lane No2

Hi Everyone

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post like this. Here are some more pictures dug out of the archive!

This is a slightly different view of the Georgian townhouse I built from scratch a couple of years ago. It was my first attempt at going for a more aged, weather-beaten exterior and interior.

And this is the morning room - another first for me, when I discovered the joy of filling a room with accessories. Note the umber stained ceiling - Once I started washing everything in burnt umber I couldn't stop!

Yet another library. As you saw in my last post this was the first wallpaper I ever bought for my first room, and I've gone back to it ever since. I guess some things are too good to use the once.

This was my first attempt at a grand staircase - well, my first staircase of any form (there are a surprising amount of "firsts" in this post!). For a large space I was keen to keep it interesting. It all looks so new and clean though - this was in the days before I discovered the joys of a burnt umber wash!

This little sitting room was carved out of a reasonably sized house that didn't have a "cosy" place for people to sit. You can't beat a mini room with the lights on.

Another unfinished photo - the chandelier wasn't yet put in! I liked this dining room. I painted it using left over paint from our RL living room.

The next is a picture I sent to Sue Cook when I asked her to make a Kentian style fireplace.

I think you'll agree she did an amazing job!! It's currently for sale in her shop.

This was a small French style entrance hall I did a couple of years ago. I had bought some amazing moulded plastic sheeting in the form of brickwork and it looked great all painted up. Typically, I've never found it since!

And finally, here's my toy theatre I built. The picture doesn't do it's size any justice - it was huge! Funnily enough I have been working on another theatre in my 12 month sabbatical which I hadn't planned to show you but will maybe post about later.

It's funny, in my last post I had mentioned that I thought my [questionable] taste had changed over the years, but Betsy said she hadn't noticed much of a change. And I think she is right! Perhaps it's more my own perception of how things "should" look? "The eye of the beholder!" and all that.

Well, I'll wrap it up there before you all fall asleep. I used to have posts about some of these projects but a couple of years ago I, along with several others, were "hit" by a series of unfortunate events and the posts were deleted and I've not found them since. Anyone know of a way to find and re-activate them?

Have a great week, I'll post more on my current drawing room shortly.



  1. Hi Simon,

    Here is another first! This is the first time I have ever been first to comment on a newly minted post. :0)

    I loved your Georgian House... and I also like that Dining Room, chandelier or not!

    I find that my "view" of my own work has changed throughout my efforts. Things I thought were unacceptable, after a few months of "away time", I find quite attractive. The opposite happens too, I see things I liked when I finished,and find all kinds of fault with them later. I really don't think most of us are particularly good at evaluating our own work. We know too much.

    As I said, your work always speaks of your rather impeccable taste...:0) I, at least, am a fan.

    Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane!


  2. Bonjour Simon,
    agréable voyage dans le temps. j'aime toujours vos bibliothèques en bois et je suis très intrigué par votre théâtre, allez-vous en publier d'autres photos?

  3. I enjoyed the trip down your memory land. Fell in love with the library bookcase!

    Looking forward to seeing your new theater project.

  4. Hi Simon! I too have enjoyed myself visiting your Georgian House. :)) You have a very elegant esthetic when it comes to interior design,as well as a calm an orderly sensibility which I ALWAYS Greatly Admire, especially when it comes to your sitting rooms and your libraries.... Superb! :D


  5. Hello Si,
    What amazing pictures. I really think your work is amazing! The theater and the first drawing room take my breath away! You use the space so cleverly and it really sets your rooms apart. You may have changed details and placements and accessories, but the elegance and style of your rooms is instantly identifiable! You are a master and a great inspiration!
    Big hug

  6. Hi Simon! Another fantastic look down memory lane! (I usually think it is a dangerous place to go... LOL! ) But in your case, it is great to have all the pictures of your former houses to review! I LOVE your library..... and the French hallway... and the aged exterior of the house with all that brick and stone is just Gorgeous!!! You do have such a wonderful sense of period style with grandeur and then you add little bits that make it feel modern and contemporary! (I adore that phone on the console in the morning room!) Can't wait to see more!!!

  7. Great rooms. Also Sue did a fantastic work!

  8. More lovely rooms - thank you Simon. I especially like your library (more twiddly bits!) and your French hallway is beautifully executed and so full of interest - I love it!

    PS. You might want to check out and download their pdf brochure. They have all sorts of claddings on Page 14. Your stonework might be there.

  9. Hi Simon
    Thank you for sharing your past work, you have great taste and the ability to make each room have a finished look about it (something I struggle with). I love the colour of the dining room, and your French entrance hall looks amazing. I really like your toy theatre as I have thought about creating something similar to replicate the stage area in the Calamity Jane film, and your creation has given me some good ideas.
    Not only you have inspired me to keep working on my miniature projects, but you have given me some ideas for future minis.
    Jayne c

    1. Dear Jayne. I left you a message via your google circle thing. I loved your blog but am unable to follow via Google. Are you able to go into your settings and Templates and add the option that allows fellow blog people to follow via our blogs? It would be a great thing! Allowing us to follow your progress, plus allowing your posts and updates to reach a lot more people who would enjoy it greatly.
      Best wishes

    2. Hi Simon
      Thanks for the tip above, I think I have sorted out what you mean. I'm really not that great with understanding all of the blogger tools and following via Google but I will try to get my head around it and sort it out.
      Many thanks

  10. Hello Si
    Thank you very much for this post! I am loving the photos of your work. Good taste never fades and yours is superb :) The little room with the lights on is so homely yet so stylish.
    Love, love, love it all!!
    All the best

  11. Hello Simon! I'm watching your pictures with big pleasure. All interiors are beautiful and very elegant. You are the professional! Thank you for sharing :-)

  12. These rooms are amazing and very elegant. Great work!

  13. Here too a great pleasure to see these rooms again.
    That library is just fabulous, just want to sit down there and have a cup of tea and read read read.
    The umber wash works great on that ceiling; the room instantly gets a 'used' look that makes it all so much more realistic.
    In every pic I see beautiful pieces of furniture, you've got an impressive collection.
    And the theatre, still can't get my head around it how you managed the electrical part of it to work.
    But I love that very special, beautiful working theater.
    Can't wait to see ehat you've been working on during your retraite
    Hugs and thanks for showing your beauties,

  14. That was another lovely stroll Simon ;), this time I recognized some of your work I'd seen on your blog before, what a shame it's gone.. You do know how to make a back up now? Sarah did a post on that once and I use it ever since. If you don't know about it or can't find it, just let me know and I give you the link, it would be a real shame if you would ever loose posts again.. So, now about your amazing work! That IS beautiful wallpaper, I can imagine you've used it in more projects and I've always been fond of that library and theater, wow and the entrance hall, gorgeous! It's great to see all of those different styles and collections together, I enjoyed it, thanks!

  15. Again, love the parquet floors. Such a warm deep colour with a high level of shine. Do you varnish them with anything in particular?