Sunday, 4 October 2015

Memory Lane No1

Hi everyone

I have been working on the drawing room (and even considering the the floor below it!) but have little to show right now. So I thought I would share some old pictures I found of rooms, houses and projects I have made over the years. I can't believe how long ago some were!

This yellow drawing room was the very first room I made. It must have been 10 or 12 years ago now and it was quite large.

This Adam style room was in the same house as the yellow room - I didn't get as far as adding fire grates before the pictures were taken!

Here's some pictures of a pretty French room I did. The gilding was agony but worth the effort.

This picture is a before and after! In the first picture you can see the original wall panels - very pretty and I loved these when they first came on the market.

I was obsessed with Windsor Castle at the time and adored the red and green drawing rooms, so, seeing I had two almost perfect rooms next to each other I bought some Susan Bembridge Palm wallpaper in red and green and set to work with a scalpel!

This last room was cobbled together from lots of bits that were left over from other projects. I was trying to make a country house library with a window overlooking gardens. I think it turned out reasonably well - You have to love Sue Cook's mouldings!

It's funny now looking back at these old pictures, I like their composition but my tastes have calmed down a lot now and prefer a slightly neutral pallet. I'll do another post with more old pictures next week - please forgive my wanderings down memory lane.

Have a great weekend



  1. Hi Si
    I am delighted to see these pictures. I didn't realise these were your rooms.....I have seen them on other sites and loved them. To know they are yours makes them even more special!
    I cannot believe that first picture was your first room, it's just perfectly gorgeous. Please, please do post more pictures of your work, I am just in awe at the moment. By the way, do you still have all these houses? Sure you would never be able to part with them :)
    All the best and take care

    1. Thanks Vivian,no, I don't have any of these houses any more. Some were sold off and others broken down to become parts of other new projects - min up-cycling!

  2. I can see that you were born with genius in your fingertips :)

  3. Wow! I Love this look down memory lane! There is so much to look at in each picture! I especially love the French room with the glimpse through the door. As usual, your work is fantastic! I think it is interesting how our tastes change through the years.... my problem is that Now I think I should do a better job and the old rooms look too "beginner" to me! Your work is very inspiring to me! Thanks for showing these old pictures!

  4. Some amazing rooms there Si. It's funny how tastes and ideas change over time. I still think you've stayed pretty close to the same style, but yes, maybe a little more subdued colours. Still oodles of elegant taste though!

  5. Hi Simon,
    It is true our tastes change over the years but it is wonderful to have a record of those amazing rooms. I particularly like the room with the yellow wall paper.
    Look forward to seeing more.
    regards Janine

  6. Bonjour Simon,
    c'est un réel plaisir de voir/revoir ces photos. Vos créations sont spectaculaires, les goûts changent peut-être mais le tallent a toujours été présent. J'ai un coup de cœur pour la dernière pièce et ses boiseries.

  7. Hi Si,
    You are clearly a natural born miniaturist. Even your very first project was incredibly high caliber. Your rooms are always so beautifully and precisely detailed, and your sense of style is perfection itself! I have a hard time picking a favorite...they are all so wonderful. I can't wait to see your next masterpiece.
    Big hug,

    1. Thanks buddy. It is a funny thing going through old pictures! Hope you are both well.
      Hugs back

  8. Are you kidding me? That's a memory lane very much worth taking a stroll into Simon, I love it!! I love the colours in the rooms and they look very well balanced. You've done some amazing things and I'm so glad you show them to us now. I look forward to the rest of that lane :D

  9. Amazing rooms. I like the details.

  10. Every and each of rooms are fab! Great work!

  11. Hi Simon, Please don't apologize for going down Memory Lane! I love all of your projects! You have a style (and an extremely good one!) that permeates everything you do...even the "contrasts" of your more daring color schemes and your more muted color schemes don't disguise it. I can always see "Simon" in your work. Looking forward to more!


  12. Thank you for sharing these amazing and beautiful photos!

  13. Hello Simon,
    I admire all rooms which you have done, there are very very beautiful. My favourite is the French room, especially I like the picture of the chair behind the door. Lovely works!

  14. Hello Simon .
    Oh my ... Your rooms are breathtaking . Every detail is perfect , Amazing work .

  15. Memory Lane, Simon? Bring it on! It certainly is no punishment seeing these pics, love 'em!
    And yes, our tastes change over time but it is very interesting to watch the change.The yellow drawing room is one of my favourites, love it!

  16. You have such a good eye Simon. I really enjoy seeing what you are doing and what you have done. Your last photo is my favourite favourite! I love how you use corbels and all those twiddly bits to make the rooms more interesting and that panelling paper - I've said before this pic stuck in my mind and it's lovely to see it again.

  17. Hello Simon, I've just found your site and WOW, WOW, WOW, I'm completely in love with your work, you memory lane posts are stunningly beautiful. I'm working on my second dollshouse, it's just a basic off the shelf one. I would love to do the kind of projects you have done but I don't think I would have the knowledge or patience! Your work is truly gorgeous.