Saturday, 10 October 2015

Fireplace and more updates

Hi Everyone!

I have been working on my drawing room, in particular the fireplace. I opted for a relatively low-key one from Sue Cook but I didn't want anything that would dominate the room and the pretty panel above the mirror allowed me to add a touch more of the French Grey with some white highlights.

Here you can see some pictures in place either side of the fireplace and I also decided to paint the chair rail in grey too.  I didn't cut a hole in the wall in which to put the fire back in as I didn't want to have bits sticking out the side of the building, so I stuck a piece of brick paper on the wall and painted it black. I also made the hearth from a bit of left over wood. I'm planning to put picture lights above the pictures and paint them in a cream colour to mute them a bit.

Please don't be too horrified at my window treatment! I covered a strip of moulding in the main curtain fabric and it worked quite well. Eventually there will be panelling all round the dado rail in the room (including under the window) and I am thinking about a small detail under the pillars in the window frame so they don't look so unfinished. There will be a large table here so you won't see it anyway.

I tried putting both the new sofas in the room but together they were too much for what is quite a small space. So the one you see in this picture will stay here and the other (the same frame and fabric but a darker shade of red) will go in the ground floor parlour.

The cornice for this room will be a small one so as not to take too much off the height - the room is only 9 inches high. I also have to build the wall up over the pillars.

I bought a pair of bright orange dolls house table lamps the other day from U.S. eBay which arrived this morning. Their colour is far from subtle however they have a really pretty shape so I am going to paint them white and then attempt to paint on a Chinese pattern - don't hold your breath… I'll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend All



  1. The shape of the lights is very nice, looking forward to see how the look painted. Greetings

  2. Hi Simon!
    This fireplace with the mirror is simply perfect for your room. And this lovely wallpaper, I always like watch it! I also like the pair of table lamps, and I yes, please Chinese pattern :-) I'm looking forward for them


  3. That wallpaper is really pretty up close, and the overmantle looks so pretty too, with the grey background. It's all looking great.

  4. What a beautiful mirror fireplace and those details great.
    have a nice day.
    groetjes van Marijke

  5. It is all coming together quick; love the grey you used like on the dado rail, it's a subtle color, goes with anything and so much better than white. The fireplace is a very nice one, I like the mirror above a lot too.
    Curious to what those lamps are going to look like.
    And last but not least: thanks for adding me again, super!

  6. I really like that mantle Simon, very stylish and modest indeed. That windowdressing doesn't horrify me, but I'm curious to your plans with it. It's coming together nicely :) Good luck with the Chinese pattern, I'm sure you do well, the shape of the lamps is very nice.

  7. What beautiful wallpaper you've chosen. The room looks so light and airy - I love it and your curtains look fine. I'd never have thought of covering a piece of moulding with fabric - it's a great effect and I might pinch that idea!! (If you don't mind, that is).

    1. Glad you approve, Irene. By all means use that idea for the curtain pelmet, I bet you'll come up with a grand idea. Besides, I've borrowed a fair few of your ideas over the years ;-)

  8. Hi Simon! That is a beautiful overmantle you chose! And I LOVE the pale gray colors! The paper looks great to me (I have a hard time choosing wallpaper.... I always want to paint the walls! LOL!) The pelmet is also a great idea! I can't wait to see more.... especially the "new" Chinoiserie lamps!

  9. Hi Simon,

    I like that overmantel on the fireplace so much. As usual, the understated elegance you inherently bring into your rooms is astounding. Some people are just born with it you know. By George, I think he's got it!

    Looking forward to more!


  10. Hi Simon,

    It's been a while. So lovely to see you're still at it. Your taste is impeccable, as ever. Always a treat to see how your settings evolve. I missed you, and on a whim thought I'd check back in. So nice to see a few other friends in the comments. I promise to pop back to see your latest. Looking forward to see what magic you'll work on those lamps! XO John (Merriman Park)

  11. Ohhh cute fireplace! Hard to think that's handmade... nice :)