Saturday, 10 October 2015

Fireplace and more updates

Hi Everyone!

I have been working on my drawing room, in particular the fireplace. I opted for a relatively low-key one from Sue Cook but I didn't want anything that would dominate the room and the pretty panel above the mirror allowed me to add a touch more of the French Grey with some white highlights.

Here you can see some pictures in place either side of the fireplace and I also decided to paint the chair rail in grey too.  I didn't cut a hole in the wall in which to put the fire back in as I didn't want to have bits sticking out the side of the building, so I stuck a piece of brick paper on the wall and painted it black. I also made the hearth from a bit of left over wood. I'm planning to put picture lights above the pictures and paint them in a cream colour to mute them a bit.

Please don't be too horrified at my window treatment! I covered a strip of moulding in the main curtain fabric and it worked quite well. Eventually there will be panelling all round the dado rail in the room (including under the window) and I am thinking about a small detail under the pillars in the window frame so they don't look so unfinished. There will be a large table here so you won't see it anyway.

I tried putting both the new sofas in the room but together they were too much for what is quite a small space. So the one you see in this picture will stay here and the other (the same frame and fabric but a darker shade of red) will go in the ground floor parlour.

The cornice for this room will be a small one so as not to take too much off the height - the room is only 9 inches high. I also have to build the wall up over the pillars.

I bought a pair of bright orange dolls house table lamps the other day from U.S. eBay which arrived this morning. Their colour is far from subtle however they have a really pretty shape so I am going to paint them white and then attempt to paint on a Chinese pattern - don't hold your breath… I'll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend All


Thursday, 8 October 2015

Memory Lane No2

Hi Everyone

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post like this. Here are some more pictures dug out of the archive!

This is a slightly different view of the Georgian townhouse I built from scratch a couple of years ago. It was my first attempt at going for a more aged, weather-beaten exterior and interior.

And this is the morning room - another first for me, when I discovered the joy of filling a room with accessories. Note the umber stained ceiling - Once I started washing everything in burnt umber I couldn't stop!

Yet another library. As you saw in my last post this was the first wallpaper I ever bought for my first room, and I've gone back to it ever since. I guess some things are too good to use the once.

This was my first attempt at a grand staircase - well, my first staircase of any form (there are a surprising amount of "firsts" in this post!). For a large space I was keen to keep it interesting. It all looks so new and clean though - this was in the days before I discovered the joys of a burnt umber wash!

This little sitting room was carved out of a reasonably sized house that didn't have a "cosy" place for people to sit. You can't beat a mini room with the lights on.

Another unfinished photo - the chandelier wasn't yet put in! I liked this dining room. I painted it using left over paint from our RL living room.

The next is a picture I sent to Sue Cook when I asked her to make a Kentian style fireplace.

I think you'll agree she did an amazing job!! It's currently for sale in her shop.

This was a small French style entrance hall I did a couple of years ago. I had bought some amazing moulded plastic sheeting in the form of brickwork and it looked great all painted up. Typically, I've never found it since!

And finally, here's my toy theatre I built. The picture doesn't do it's size any justice - it was huge! Funnily enough I have been working on another theatre in my 12 month sabbatical which I hadn't planned to show you but will maybe post about later.

It's funny, in my last post I had mentioned that I thought my [questionable] taste had changed over the years, but Betsy said she hadn't noticed much of a change. And I think she is right! Perhaps it's more my own perception of how things "should" look? "The eye of the beholder!" and all that.

Well, I'll wrap it up there before you all fall asleep. I used to have posts about some of these projects but a couple of years ago I, along with several others, were "hit" by a series of unfortunate events and the posts were deleted and I've not found them since. Anyone know of a way to find and re-activate them?

Have a great week, I'll post more on my current drawing room shortly.


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Memory Lane No1

Hi everyone

I have been working on the drawing room (and even considering the the floor below it!) but have little to show right now. So I thought I would share some old pictures I found of rooms, houses and projects I have made over the years. I can't believe how long ago some were!

This yellow drawing room was the very first room I made. It must have been 10 or 12 years ago now and it was quite large.

This Adam style room was in the same house as the yellow room - I didn't get as far as adding fire grates before the pictures were taken!

Here's some pictures of a pretty French room I did. The gilding was agony but worth the effort.

This picture is a before and after! In the first picture you can see the original wall panels - very pretty and I loved these when they first came on the market.

I was obsessed with Windsor Castle at the time and adored the red and green drawing rooms, so, seeing I had two almost perfect rooms next to each other I bought some Susan Bembridge Palm wallpaper in red and green and set to work with a scalpel!

This last room was cobbled together from lots of bits that were left over from other projects. I was trying to make a country house library with a window overlooking gardens. I think it turned out reasonably well - You have to love Sue Cook's mouldings!

It's funny now looking back at these old pictures, I like their composition but my tastes have calmed down a lot now and prefer a slightly neutral pallet. I'll do another post with more old pictures next week - please forgive my wanderings down memory lane.

Have a great weekend