Sunday, 27 September 2015

More Progress

Hi Everyone

I've been doing some more on the drawing room. The following pictures were taken as and when I had something of relative interest to show (and when I remembered!).
The first shows the dado rail painted with a couple of coats before the wallpaper goes up.

Here's some pictures of the window, in place and with some pillar things I made from some old banister pieces. I like how they are a bit different and add a bit of charm to what could be a large expanse of plain window.

I still need to fill in the gaps but I'm going to wait until I have settled on the cornice and curtains before this happens. I think the curtains will need to be pretty much made and installed before I can complete this wall.

I wallpapered the other two walls and to my horror the first piece turned colour with a slightly yellow tinge! Luckily this is in the corner so the other pieces I did have minimal amounts of glue  and once it dried it wasn't too noticeable - Incidentally, for the first time ever I tried putting the glue on the wall first and then put the paper on the wall!! It worked a treat! Why have I always glued the paper first???? There's hope for me yet!

I couldn't resist playing with the door and cupboards. The dado will be panelled and re-painted so the excess glue won't be seen - I need the fireplace first to work out the spacing. I spent ages testing different wood effects for the door and pillars but in the end decided to go with French Grey. The colour is soft and works well with the wallpaper.

Here is the carpet installed. The colour was key and I couldn't find a dolls house one I liked (not to mention it is impossible to work out the pile in the carpet from a poor quality picture online). I found a velvet online in a shade of green that would be a neutral background for the plum red sofas and yellow chairs that will be in this room. I also bought a very pretty Chinese style sideboard to go on one side of the fireplace (on the left hand side). I have my eye on a small but detailed Bespaq cabinet that would go well against the back wall but I'm considering painting it French Grey also to balance the doorway.

Here are the pillars and plinths loosely placed to give you an idea. I painted them in more French Grey and then dragged them in the pale stone colour on the dado. This gives them almost a stone finish and helps work the colours around the room. There is more French Grey behind the metal grills underneath. I finished them in a clear satin varnish.

I still have details to add to the end of the plinth but you can start to get a feel for the look of this room.

I'm hoping to have my sofas tomorrow which I'm very excited about. Once I have them I can start to glue the pillars etc in place. I'll post a picture of them once I have them.

Enjoy your day, I'm off out to the garden to plant bulbs for Spring - 75 of them!!

All the best


  1. Hi Si
    I am just loving the direction this room is going in!!
    Greens, reds and gold tone is one of my favourite colour combinations, so that's why I think I'm drawn into this room already!
    I love the additions to the window....very nice :)
    By the way, I love the book mention in your last post....I forgot to mention that in my comment... what's new...I've a head like a sieve.
    All the best

  2. Your work is absolutely fantastic!

  3. Your work is absolutely fantastic!

  4. Hi Si,
    The room will be stunning! I love the paper and the metal grills, but I must say the window you created is a wonderful focal point. The colors of the room work really well together, and the columns add great detail. I can't wait to see more.
    Big hug

  5. Starting to come together beautifully Si. This will be very elegant but still with a nice dash of colour.

  6. Hi Si,
    The wallpaper and the french grey goes very well together......lovely combination!
    Looking forward to see more of this room.
    And hopefully the progres in the garden went just as smooth as wallpapering this room!

  7. Love the way you use space Simon! You really have an eye for it. I am partial to greens and greys too, so I'm buying the look! Excited to follow your progress on this room. I think it is going to be incredible.

    Thanks for sharing Simon!


  8. Hi Simon! I must say I Love the French Gray you are using for the trim in this room! And now that you are adding the structural pieces it is much easier to see what you are describing! I love the carpet from velvet... beautiful neutral gray-green! You are making great progress with this room.... I hope to see more soon!

  9. Hi Simon, Love the colour French Grey. The window is perfect and the room took on such character when you placed the pillars. Looking forward to seeing it furnished.
    regards Janine

  10. Hi Simon! Love what you are doing with this room and the window is already a Show Stopper with the added wood detail. Love the wall to wall carpet and the way it ties in with the color of the door.
    Terrific choice of both the solid colors and the patterns. :D


  11. Jolie harmonie de couleurs, je suis curieux de voir la pièce avec les meubles que vous décrivez. Bonnes plantations ;-)

  12. you've been doing some good stuff there Simon and I love that French grey! And it does colour very beautifully with the wallpaper, nice choice! I can imagine you can't wait for the sofa's to arrive, we're like children around christmastime aren't we? And when spring comes, you'll have quite a number of beautiful flowers, nice!

  13. Love the plinths with the metal grilles and where they are placed. You're clearly on a roll with this one.

  14. Hi Simon, I love the colour combination, they work so well together! Have you partly constructed the windows yourself? It kinda looks like it, and I love those. ;o)

    In the past I've always applied glue to the walls first and then added the paper, I've tried applying my glue to the paper and to the corners and edges of my walls, and I probably prefer this method myself. Much of it depends on the type of glue you use or combo of glues!

  15. oooh Simon,

    I really LOVE the colour combination of greeny grey and deep pinky red, very calming and rich! You're doing great with this new project, I can't wait to see the rest! And the paper technique is a good one - I too, am sometimes slow on the technique uptake :)