Wednesday, 23 September 2015

In the beginning...

Hi Everyone!

Here's a picture of my first room-box. All the other boxes will be this size with the basement and attic being a couple of centimetres lower.

I've been spending a while (weeks in fact) working out how I want this room to look. The lines on the floor show some of my thoughts. I initially wanted a small parlour with a little morning room off to the side. But, and there's a lot of "buts" in the mini world (goodness! I'm beginning to wonder if this Post should be X-Rated!!) I have bought a pair of pretty Bespaq sofas in different but matching fabric and they haven't arrived yet. My concern was how to fit the two sofas (and all the other furniture) into a relatively small room. After a week of worrying I realised that I could eradicate all this stress by simply opening the whole room up and using the whole box for the one room!! Believe it or not this was quite a radical realisation! After all, it did seam silly to be limiting myself at this early planning stage - heaven knows what I would have done once it was complete and I didn't have any room for other things!

The picture below shows the front panel that hooks on to the main box as apposed to being hinged. I'm not sure how to finish this yet. Whether I should paint it and age it (my current favourite option) or brick it up? All suggestions gratefully received.

As you know I sold off almost all my mini collection in a fit of madness but I did keep all my little bits and bobs - you know, the left-over but potentially gold mine things like excess cornice and banisters. In this pile was a couple of ancient Sue Cook pillars that I bought about ten years ago and have used in various guises since. I think the parlour will be a bit plain as one whole space so where the line on the floor shows where a wall going to be I am inserting a pillared break into the room with book shelves underneath and a shelf on top (at about 2.5 inches high) for useful objets d'art. I've always loved the library in Queen Mary's Dolls House so I thought I could cut down the pillars I have and make them fit. I'm not not yet but I like the idea of giving them a wood finish.

Incidentally, the window is one from a Laurels dolls house I kept "just in case"! I really like the Georgian look it has and I'd like to try my hand at making some fancy curtains for it.

OK, I'm off to cut a hole for the window and do some more worrying…

Thanks for all your super welcoming comments on my last post. You are all so talented and generous. I really did feel welcomed back into the fold.

Have a great day.



  1. Hi Simon, ah, it's great to see you posting again! Haha, x-rated :D. As for making it one big room: very wise - and better for your health :D - decision! And I very much like your idea of the low bookcase between columns on your pencil-line! About the finish on the front panel, mmm... I don't know actually, I like both, so that's not really gonna help you. I also think you'll make both look awesome. So because I already felt like you should do what you enjoy most right now, (painting and aging) I say: go for that! I'm curious to how this will continue. And good luck with all the figuring out!

  2. You can paint and age the exterior and if you don't like it, you can then brick over it. It's hard to comment at this stage without seeing/knowing what the rest of the structure looks like (are all the roomboxes much the same?). I can't believe you got rid of all your stuff. Does that include your already made houses? I couldn't do that.

  3. You're certainly not alone with overlooking the obvious Si! You only spent a week mulling it over....not too bad! Lol

    I prefer the paint and aged look for a Georgian facade. ;o))

  4. I know that no matter what you choose it is going to be fantastic. I have always admired your ideas/designs.

    There are several people that I consider to be part of the miniature blog family. You are certainly one of them.

  5. Hi Si,
    Realy looking forward to how this room will turn out.....the ideas sound great! A pitty you sold of almost everything but then can start all over buying great miniatures. For the outside why not do a combination of both? It's nice to have a brick Georgian home but since it's kinda old it needs to be aged in a way don't you think?

  6. Hi Si
    Great to see another post from you. I just love the idea of having one room, but 'divided'. The front panel looks lovely and I'm sure whatever way you decide to finish it off will be perfect!
    All the best and take care :)

  7. Hi Si,
    Really looking forward to how this room will turn out.....the ideas sound
    great! A pity you sold of almost everything but then can start
    all over buying great miniatures. For the outside why not do a combination
    of both? It's nice to have a brick Georgian home but since it's kinda old
    it needs to be aged in a way don't you think?

  8. Hi Simon! I always love to see the beginning of a project! It gives me courage to try things when I see what other people start with! I think the open room sounds wonderful... mini rooms so often look great until we try to fit the furniture in.... do any of us really have enough real estate for a truly Grand dollhouse? I think the idea of making each room a separate box gives you a lot of freedom while working on each one.... will they end up in a cabinet? I can't wait to see more of you ideas!

  9. I can't wait to see if finished :) love it

  10. Looks great. I'd go with your ageing option rather than bricks. I think it will look fab. Indypoppy

  11. Bonjour Simon,
    je suis heureux de vous revoir dans "le monde magnifique de la miniature" ;-) Je ne sais pas comment il se fait mais j'ai raté votre précédent post et dans cette pièce j'aime beaucoup l’alcôve dans le fond de la pièce.
    Je me réjouis d'avance de voir vos nouvelles créations et je fais confiance à votre tallent pour "terminer" au mieux la façade.

  12. Hi Si,
    Buts often lead to good ideas, so you can never have too many miniatures of course! I love the idea of the pillars. It will add a lot of architectural interest to the room and the shelf above for objet d'art is a terrific idea. You really have an incredible talent for planning out your rooms. I agree that the exterior would be wonderful painted and aged. I can't wait to see the room come to life. Go Si!!!!
    Big hug,
    N.B. I hope to see you in a few weeks time!

  13. Great work. I like the front panel.

  14. Look forward to follow this project, great you're back. Pam in Norway

  15. Un proyecto atractivo, esas ventanas me encantan, a la espera de ver el siguiente paso.
    Un abrazo

  16. Simon, I'd say brick and age it, think hat would look beautiful.
    I too like the columns/pillars idea, some architectural items really make a room far more interesting.
    Sorry that I reacted this late but I'm not often on the pc anymore, so I just saw this post.
    The fact that you're working on mini again is inspiring.

  17. It's so good to see you back at the mini-ing again and I enjoy reading your "thought processes". The ideas you have for the box are all very exciting and I'm looking forward to this one.