Sunday, 27 September 2015

More Progress

Hi Everyone

I've been doing some more on the drawing room. The following pictures were taken as and when I had something of relative interest to show (and when I remembered!).
The first shows the dado rail painted with a couple of coats before the wallpaper goes up.

Here's some pictures of the window, in place and with some pillar things I made from some old banister pieces. I like how they are a bit different and add a bit of charm to what could be a large expanse of plain window.

I still need to fill in the gaps but I'm going to wait until I have settled on the cornice and curtains before this happens. I think the curtains will need to be pretty much made and installed before I can complete this wall.

I wallpapered the other two walls and to my horror the first piece turned colour with a slightly yellow tinge! Luckily this is in the corner so the other pieces I did have minimal amounts of glue  and once it dried it wasn't too noticeable - Incidentally, for the first time ever I tried putting the glue on the wall first and then put the paper on the wall!! It worked a treat! Why have I always glued the paper first???? There's hope for me yet!

I couldn't resist playing with the door and cupboards. The dado will be panelled and re-painted so the excess glue won't be seen - I need the fireplace first to work out the spacing. I spent ages testing different wood effects for the door and pillars but in the end decided to go with French Grey. The colour is soft and works well with the wallpaper.

Here is the carpet installed. The colour was key and I couldn't find a dolls house one I liked (not to mention it is impossible to work out the pile in the carpet from a poor quality picture online). I found a velvet online in a shade of green that would be a neutral background for the plum red sofas and yellow chairs that will be in this room. I also bought a very pretty Chinese style sideboard to go on one side of the fireplace (on the left hand side). I have my eye on a small but detailed Bespaq cabinet that would go well against the back wall but I'm considering painting it French Grey also to balance the doorway.

Here are the pillars and plinths loosely placed to give you an idea. I painted them in more French Grey and then dragged them in the pale stone colour on the dado. This gives them almost a stone finish and helps work the colours around the room. There is more French Grey behind the metal grills underneath. I finished them in a clear satin varnish.

I still have details to add to the end of the plinth but you can start to get a feel for the look of this room.

I'm hoping to have my sofas tomorrow which I'm very excited about. Once I have them I can start to glue the pillars etc in place. I'll post a picture of them once I have them.

Enjoy your day, I'm off out to the garden to plant bulbs for Spring - 75 of them!!

All the best

Saturday, 26 September 2015

A mini up date

Hi everyone

I hope you are having a great weekend.

I have been working on my room box today and started on the pillars. I cut them down and started on the cupboard part underneath. This isn't glued or painted yet and there's a long way to go but I thought I would share my progress.

Here's a picture of the wallpaper I am going to use. I really like the stripes and delicate pattern, the little red flowers will go nicely with the green carpet I'm putting throughout this room.

Thanks so much for all your thoughts on how I should tackle the outside panel. I am going to go with my instincts, and the majority of you guys, and do a painted effect. It will come as no surprise but whilst thinking and worrying I came up with another idea - to change which side the front of the house is on! The panel that is currently the front (like the part of a dolls house that opens) is the front facade of the building but I am going to move it around to the right hand wall (the right hand side of the box as you look at it) and I am going to try to make it look like a cut away through the building. Nothing will change on this room but you'll see it more on the others, especially the ground floor obviously, where the front door will be.

Oh, and I found a really cool book on the British embassy in Washington DC. Designed by one of my favourite British architects and full of beautiful pictures. I bought mine second hand on eBay (the dust jacket was ripped but the book was in perfect condition. Go check it out…

I'll post some more tomorrow (Sunday). Now I have to cheer on England in the Rugby…

Catch you soon


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

In the beginning...

Hi Everyone!

Here's a picture of my first room-box. All the other boxes will be this size with the basement and attic being a couple of centimetres lower.

I've been spending a while (weeks in fact) working out how I want this room to look. The lines on the floor show some of my thoughts. I initially wanted a small parlour with a little morning room off to the side. But, and there's a lot of "buts" in the mini world (goodness! I'm beginning to wonder if this Post should be X-Rated!!) I have bought a pair of pretty Bespaq sofas in different but matching fabric and they haven't arrived yet. My concern was how to fit the two sofas (and all the other furniture) into a relatively small room. After a week of worrying I realised that I could eradicate all this stress by simply opening the whole room up and using the whole box for the one room!! Believe it or not this was quite a radical realisation! After all, it did seam silly to be limiting myself at this early planning stage - heaven knows what I would have done once it was complete and I didn't have any room for other things!

The picture below shows the front panel that hooks on to the main box as apposed to being hinged. I'm not sure how to finish this yet. Whether I should paint it and age it (my current favourite option) or brick it up? All suggestions gratefully received.

As you know I sold off almost all my mini collection in a fit of madness but I did keep all my little bits and bobs - you know, the left-over but potentially gold mine things like excess cornice and banisters. In this pile was a couple of ancient Sue Cook pillars that I bought about ten years ago and have used in various guises since. I think the parlour will be a bit plain as one whole space so where the line on the floor shows where a wall going to be I am inserting a pillared break into the room with book shelves underneath and a shelf on top (at about 2.5 inches high) for useful objets d'art. I've always loved the library in Queen Mary's Dolls House so I thought I could cut down the pillars I have and make them fit. I'm not not yet but I like the idea of giving them a wood finish.

Incidentally, the window is one from a Laurels dolls house I kept "just in case"! I really like the Georgian look it has and I'd like to try my hand at making some fancy curtains for it.

OK, I'm off to cut a hole for the window and do some more worrying…

Thanks for all your super welcoming comments on my last post. You are all so talented and generous. I really did feel welcomed back into the fold.

Have a great day.


Sunday, 13 September 2015

1 year later


A whole year! where has the time gone?

I hope you have all been safe and well.

We have been up to much - sorting the house and garden and all those other real life things. And when I haven't been in the garden I've had my head in books. All lovely, but all a million miles from Mini's! I have been keeping up with your blogs and posts along the way and thought about coming back to it all  on several occasions but just didn't have it in me. For a while the Mini Bug all but left me and my interest dropped and I sold off the majority of my mini collection. It sounds drastic but it was quite liberating in a funny sort of way. And it has now freed me up to buy more goodies - as if an excuse was needed!

So, I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. I am just starting a new house made up from assorted room boxes but have little to share so I thought I would show you a couple of pictures from a room of a house I built earlier this year around Easter.

The fireplace isn't complete in the second picture but you get the idea.

I'm not sure when my next post will be but it will be within the next 12 months! In the mean time, enjoy your weekend, everyone, and happy mini-ing.