Sunday, 3 August 2014

Let there be Lights - Outdoor, at least!

Hi Guys

Another week has gone by already! My apologies for not posting a Book of the Week on Wednesday, some RL things came up that needed my care and attention, but I'll be back next week with another fave book.

In my spare time last weekend and this week I worked on some new additions to Belle Pierre - outdoor lanterns.

I have had my eye on these for a while now and bought them the other week. I liked them because they had a more rustic shape than regular wall lights. 

They were originally black plastic but I attacked them with some teal, blue and white paint and then sprayed them with matt varnish. The varnish worked well in that it gave the glass a sort of aged frosted look which defuses the lights when on. It didn't work in that it brought out the blue too much so, once dry, I went over them with a washed down version of some of the colours and finished with a dab of mod podge. They have come out very blue in the pictures but you'll have to take my word for it that they look much more pale and grey in RL.

I have also been thinking about the interior and the living room in particular. I really liked the wall panels but felt they lacked detail, and the room was rather dark over all. I wanted a dark and moody room but this was turning too dark! So, I took my own advise (from a previous post) and thought about adding wallpaper to the panels. After much testing I plumped for a pretty Itsy Bitsy wallpaper called Damask that I had a couple of sheets left over from an older project. It is actually blue with a beige background, but it turned out to match the wall colour perfectly! I guess there is more blue in my Green than I thought!

I am now thinking about cutting a seat off the pink sofa and turning it into a 2 seater sofa for upstairs whilst I put more "French" pieces in here. They will also be smaller thus making more use of this tiny space. Or perhaps I'll leave the 2 seater sofa in here after all? We'll see. The panel above the fireplace has changed too to match the other panels. I loved the other dark green that was there but it opened out the room more with them all matching. Even more so once I added the narrow strips on the corners by the windows. The windows will eventually be calmed down with some Susan Bembridge fabric I have in a box (I'm not brave enough to tackle curtains yet!).

I also want to tone down the cornice from dark green to a light colour - maybe with a light grey wash over it.  Still skirting boards needed but I'm still fiddling with the electrics so until that's done I can't put them in place.

I am still fretting over the roof space! "Merci", to Jean Claude and Isabelle for their observations re the roof height. I think I'll need to lower it a bit once I finalise the plan in my head - famous last words!

Ok guys, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thanks for your time and lovely comments, they are always welcomed and very much appreciated.

Take care


  1. Hi Simon! I LOVE the wallpaper panels you have chosen! Yes, they unify and soften the overall color and mood of the room! I agree that smaller pieces of furniture would fit better.... I am constantly wrestling with that in my small houses! But don't give up your idea that it is supposed to be a modern comfortable room.... a room we would all love to come sit and put our feet up in! LOL! And the lanterns are wonderful! I love it when shiny plastic pieces are transformed into the perfect "antique" fixtures! Keep up the Great work, it is always so inspiring!

    1. Hi Betsy, don't worry, I won't forget to invite you round for cocktails and a movie once the mini TV arrives ;-)
      It is fun when you manage to re-work something into the perfect piece. I can't say I'm all that good at transforming things though! Lol
      Glad you like the wallpaper choice, I had a few options but went with this in the end as it matched so well.
      Have a great weekend
      Si x

  2. Bonjour Simon,
    le papier peint est très joli et s’harmonise très bien avec la couleur des murs. Mais vous avez raison, il faut maintenant changer la couleur de la corniche verte. Bonne idée d'enlever le canapé et pourquoi ne pas mettre deux fauteuils de style en accord avec la très belle table du salon? Comme vous dites: mettre plus de pièces françaises dans le salon ;-)
    A bientôt,

    1. hey Jean Claud
      content que vous acceptez sur le vert - il sertis comme une bonne idée st le temps lol.
      Id comme pour obtenir un couple de chaises de John Hodgson ici, avec un joli canapé de Bespaq. Les choses qui sont plus dans la tenue, si vous savez que je veux dire.
      J'espère que vous avez donné été en mesure de travailler sur votre maison - je suis désespéré de voir ce que vous avez abeille faire ...

  3. Hi Si
    Another wonderful post. Your wallpaper is beautiful and the extra little panels are just right for the room. You have wonderful ideas, and superb taste! Painting the lights has worked out brilliantly for you Si, they look great. I can't wait for your next update on progress. Take care. :)
    All the best

    1. Thanks Vivian, that's lovely of you. I'm pleased you like the wallpaper, I wasn't sure at first but just took the plunge! I think jumping in can be a good thing sometimes, when I spend too much time thinking things through!

  4. You have the nack of making your rooms look very real and I think the little fireplace nook is inspiring. I've only just noticed that you've painted the little picture light too - I missed that in your last pic.

    The exterior lights tone in with the front door really well - I envy you that door for the detailed panels it has!

    1. Aww, thanks Irene. That means a lot as I hold your work in great regard. The fireplace was more a stroke of luck and good fortune than planning - pretty much the whole house has been invented as it went along!! The door is lovely I have to agree. A Victorian design from Lawbre I bought years ago I with the windows but were never used. I think I'll get away with pretending they're French!! Lol
      Hope you are well x

  5. Evertime you change your mind the room gets even more character and elegance!
    I also like the lantern now. Personally I would probably add a touch of green to this blue but they do look more like RL ones now.
    Can't wait to see more of your Belle Pierre. :)

  6. Hi Simon! I admire the way that you tackle your concerns in such a manner that it leaves the space prettier and prettier. I like the results of the new panel inserts and the room seems to be leaning in a softer direction than what it initially began as. The French sofa sounds intriguing but I also like the current one. So much depends on what else is going to be sharing the space. And until it is all glued and /or nailed down, you can change your mind as many times as you want! :D


  7. Hi Simon! I really like the touch of blue on the front of your wonderful house. I especially like the shape...they are slightly sturdier looking than the norm for miniature lighting, and I think that works perfectly for the front of your imposing entry!

  8. Hello Si,
    That living room is coming along beautifully. I love the wallpaper in the panels. the room looks very serene and elegant at the same time. Great call! As for the lights they are fantastic and really compliment the exterior of the building. Excellent work my friend, keep it up!
    Big hug,

  9. Hi Simon, I like the outdoor lamps, they are an attractive shape. The wallpaper in the panels also looks good, especially with all the french style items around it.

  10. Love what I see here. I especially like the entrance. It seems to make a statement that where you are about to enter is very stately.
    May I offer a suggestion to remove the flowers on the mantel? The lovely statuary and beautiful frame seem to get a little hidden with them there. mho :-)

  11. Het ziet er allemaal prachtig uit Simon. Complimenten voor je werk.

    Groeten Xandra

  12. I really like the wallpaper panels you have chosen and the outdoor lanterns suit the house perfectly. It is all coming together beautifully. Pam x

  13. The lanterns are a great addition to the exterior of the house. The wall paper inside the pannels is perfect. I wonder what you're going to do with the sofa.

  14. What is left for me to say? All the above, It's like it is a whole new room, with the new wallpaper and all, splendid!

  15. Hi Simon, I must say when I look at these pictures, I feel I am actually looking at a full size house, not a miniature. You do amazing work and it definitely shows. Love the lighting with the blue accents. It really add a lot to the decorative doors. The wallpaper panels are lovely. Can't wait to see what you do with the sofa. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me such kind words. Have a wonderful weekend Simon.

  16. Good thinking on the panels, this indeed looks much better, very sophisticated and I like it a lot! And the lanterns, it's a shame isn't it, that colours in photo's are often so different than RL, but they look great and I believe you with regard to them being more pale and grey ;)

  17. wonderful designs of wall panels . Thanks for sharing informative post

  18. Wonderful Simon! Love the outside colour, the front door is beautiful and the lantern add a bit of a pop (even though they're not as bright in reality).
    As for your panels, the wallpaper pattern gives the room some softness and life. Beautiful.

  19. Such intricate detail with the moldings and the gilding. I would love to see how you made the parquet floors?