Saturday, 5 July 2014

We have sandstone!

Hi Everyone
I hope you are all well.

I took the plunge and started to paint on my sandstone effect. It's really more of a series of sandstone colours as apposed to brickwork, but you get the idea. I have done 3 layers of colour and brushwork but I think I'll need another 2 at least to get it looking better - truth be told, I haven't got a clue what I'm doing other than making it up as I go along!

(Yes, that is a wooden mouse on the wall, top left - it's a long story!)

I have also been building a raised platform for the whole house to sit on that will be varnished in a mahogany colour and make it look a little more "cared for" rather than my usual scruffy house on a table. The front step will be twice the depth it is here and in the same sandstone colours. I've got several sheets of the dark red brick embossed paper I used on my Georgian mansion and I thought I could use these to cover the front part of the baseboard. Possibly laying them in a pattern of some sort to brake the expanse of brick.

Of course whilst I've been doing this I've been racking my poor brain about the interior. The ground floor will have the kitchen and dining area, whilst the drawing room will be on the first floor, possibly with a tiny study.

The space I am working with is not very big at all - total floor space is roughly 16 inches wide by 8 inches deep with ceilings 10.5 high. My ideas for the ground floor are slowly coming together and I have realised I will have to blank out some of the windows on the kitchen side so as to allow for cabinets etc. Ray suggested backing them with mirror which is a great idea and far better than my idea of putting black card behind the glass! Thanks Ray. I have tried it out and, of course, it works a treat. Following in the theme of Ray, I have been spending far too much time this week on the Habersham website and searching images in Pinterest. Whilst I am unsure about most of the aspects of this layout I do know that I want the kitchen to be rustic and open-plan with the dining area.

This house is "tiny" compared to most people's projects and I often find myself distracted by larger grander interiors and have to keep reminding myself that this is slightly more aged and rustic - a bit like myself!

Hey ho, I'm off to work on the paving brick work and varnish and will get back to you later today or tomorrow.

Happy weekend all…



  1. Hello Simon, WOW amazing job, i love all the details, congratulations.

  2. Hello Simon!
    You are moving at "Warp" speed on this house! It looks amazing!
    I love the choice of colours you are using to effect the sandstone.
    Ah yes.......Habersham....... My favorite kitchen inspiration source next to Clive Christians. Can't wait to see the interior!
    Hug from your pal Ray

  3. La couleur et la patine sont une réussite et j'adore l'idée d'une maison abandonnée...Je suis certain que vous ferez les bons choix pour aménager l'intérieur.

  4. Haha...Simon, I think *most* miniaturists are "making it up as we go along" (unless we have years and years of experience, and even then, what if we try something no one else has done before?). I certainly feel that way about my mini projects, since I definitely have no idea what I'm doing :)

  5. I love small houses because it forces me to be creative. You only put in the necessities, which have to be carefully chosen. It's a challenge!

  6. Hi Simon
    The sandstone looks fab already and really compliments the brick. You have been as busy as a bee! The base is going to look wonderful too. I'm just loving this build! :)
    All the best

  7. Simon, these walls look stunning so far, I can't wait to see it finished. You are working so fast and the result is amazing :)!
    Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Ilona

  8. Hi Simon,
    Wonderful progress, I love the depth added by the color and texture.
    It really enhances all the details too. I look forward to seeing the next phase.

  9. Great work. I like the colors.

  10. Hi Simon! Your sandstone looks very convincing from over the internet! I am sure it will take many layers... doesn't it always take more than we think it will? But it is looking Gorgeous so far!
    Alas, the issue of square inches in our little properties is always a challenge..... there never seem to be enough! The whole point of "Grand" houses is that they are so Big! LOL! A truly Grand Mini... ala Mulvaney and Rogers, would fill my entire studio.... so I have to make do and pretend....
    Or wait.... maybe the next house I build should just be as big as the ......nah, I still need to be able to move around in my RL House!
    I look forward to seeing the next steps! Your work is always so Gorgeous!

  11. I also love small houses.
    It is looking fantastic Simon. I am really looking forward to see the inside as it progresses.

  12. Hi Sweetie Darling, luv luv luv the progress. Ray's mirror glass solution is a really one. I like the size of the house, it's going to force you to be very creative with the interior. Speak to you later. Hugs

  13. Hi Simon, love the sandstone. Can't believe you started this mid June! The size is great, much better in small English cottages, like mine than the more traditional 1/12th houses. You could go up another floor maybe, a 7" one with smaller windows? It really depends on the height of the mansard roof, whether you would end up with the right proportions.

    Love to see the next chapter and considering the speed with which you are building this one, I won't have to wait very long!


  14. Hi Simon,
    I love how many different and interesting elements you've included in the build. The curved facade is fabulous. The curved lintels frame the windows and doors beautifully. I think the paint work looks very realistic as it is. Gorgeous =0)

  15. Hello Si,
    The sandstone is coming along beautifully. what a gorgeous building! The detail is really wonderful. It might a bit on the smaller side in terms of floor space, but I know you will work wonders. I can't wait to see more.
    Big hug
    aged and rustic like yourself indeed. Ha! Silly Si

  16. This sandstone looks fantastic! How long did it take to complete?