Monday, 21 July 2014

A Good Old-Fashioned Shout Out!

Hi Guys
Hope your week has started well.

Just a very quick note to draw your attention to a relatively new Blog that I and a few other mini fans are following, "V's Miniature Manor".

Please click here to Follow and see more:

Vivian Fox 

Vivian is working her way through a large scale manor house and her blog follows her journey - trials and triumphs -  I'm sure we can all relate to those ha ha.
She works at a terrific pace and her posts are crammed full of great pictures, problem solving and updates.

Incidentally, please let me know if I am not showing in your Followers section. I lost my Reading List through a recent Blogger issue and have been trying to re-trace you all since (hense my ugly mug is probably showing me as a recent follower to your blog).

Drop by and see her work, you won't be disappointed!

Hugs to all



  1. Hi Si,
    I have followed Vivian for a while and her work is wonderful. I definitely recommend checking out her blog!
    Big hug,

  2. Yes, I spotted that face in the list ;-)

  3. Thank you for the link Simon. I am off to see what she is doing.

  4. Hi Si
    Thank you so much for the big shout out. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog and I hope anyone else venturing along will too :)
    All the best and take care.

  5. I am a follower and I enjoy it! I have that trouble all of the time too. Just keep refreshing your browser by left clicking.

  6. Hi Simon, I too am a follower of Vivian's blog, very enjoyable too. I have also often been given the message I am not following anyone when I try to get to my dashboard, but by refreshing several times it reappears.

  7. Yes, Si, I discovered Vivian's blog for a while ago and her work is beautiful!
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Thank you for the link!

  9. Thanks for the link Simon - a great read and I'm now a follower. I'll be catching up with YOUR progress shortly.