Thursday, 19 June 2014

Well, hello everyone!

Hi guys
I hope you have been well and life is being kind to you all.

Ever wondered what you could make from the "stuff" you have kicking about? I have boxes and shelves full of windows, floors, bits of plywood I thought might come in handy one day... We all have a corner somewhere in which lurks a forgotten something that has potential to be a really good thing!
I took a leaf out of my good chum Am at Southampton Grey and got to thinking (and then planning) a house I could build from all my stuff. Am is an advocate of up-cycling and he always manages to turn trash into treasure.

I'm not sure I can manage treasure but having read through his and everyone else's recent posts I am excited to be back fiddling with mini things. I started with this bit of plywood 14 x 20 inches and dug out some old Lawbre windows I had in a forgotten box. Luckily, and this demonstrates my point about finding treasure,  I found a door to match them and set about playing with the 4 windows and door. I finally struck upon a layout that works and then had to think about how the house will sit on this not-so-big piece of base plywood. I ended up with the front of the house on the left and the back of the house at the right hand side, with me the viewer looking at the open house from the side. Almost like a cross section.

My other idea is to build a French style house. I think I have done enough British looking houses now and need something a little different and challenging. Not too big of course, besides, I have to think of all my old junk that I can use.

I expect I'll get the buying bug at some point and purchase some things but for the time being I am enjoying working with what have. That's a challenge in itself!

Best wishes to all

PS I've renamed my blog Miniature Enthusiast - I kind of like it better...


  1. Hi Simon, Your plans sound good and as I also like up-cycling, I applaud your determination to use what you have on hand.


    1. Thanks Elizabeth, I'm hoping I can use as much stuff as possible - it seems an awful waste when it's not being used...

  2. Hi Simon
    A French style house would be lovely....I have no doubt that whatever you decide to do, it will be fantastic. So glad I can log onto your blog....I was having shocking trouble lately trying to read it, so I'm delighted things seem to be up and running. :) and thank you for following me, I really appreciate it.
    All the best

    1. Hi Vivian, thanks for your lovely comment. I have been having a lot of problems with my google account and in turn my blog has been messed up. Even I have had trouble logging in!! Lol
      I really love your blog by the way and I'm really enjoying following your projects.
      Best wishes

  3. What a wonderful challenge. I also know that anything you put you hands on will turn into gold.

    I have missed seeing your posts!

  4. Hi Simon! It's great to see you are fiddling with miniatures again! I always tell myself I am just going to use what I have.... but then I "need" something else..... which I then buy and Then I can call it something I already have! LOL! Like with my Cupboard House.... using an old cupboard.... but it also needs so many other parts, and at a certain point "design integrity" forces me to stick to an era or a style. But I am sure you know how that goes.... and it is always fun to start a project with the stuff we have had forever.... waiting for "someday".... I love those projects! I can't wait to see how yours develops!

  5. Now, I am going to really enjoy this! {{grabbing a comfy chair and watching!}}

  6. Hello Simon!! Yes, M and others are masters in making miniatures from scrap.
    I also like up-cycling (see at my blog), so I am very curious if your plan will come true. And are you sure that you won't do more buyings.....;)??
    I can't wait to see what you will come up with! Your plan sounds good :D!

  7. ¡Hola Simon!

    A mí también me encanta reciclar, creo que siempre se puede sacar provecho de viejas piezas. Te deseo mucha suerte con este nuevo proyecto, estoy deseando ver qué consigues hacer.

    ¡Un abrazo enorme!

  8. Hello Simon,
    Good luck with your French Style House. I know it will be wonderful.
    Nice to see you still doing Miniatures.
    Warm regards,

  9. Hello Si,
    It is so great to have you back and working on another project. you can't keep a good man down! I look forward to seeing the French building take shape.
    Big hug,
    And welcome back,

  10. Hi Simon
    I love the new name, cant wait to see the new french building :)


  11. Hey Boo, Welcome Back! I like your idea's, just go wih the flow! Mix it up, use your signature style and vamp it up with some French influences. Go crazy!
    Big Hug

    1. Hoi
      Just following in your footsteps ;-)

  12. Hi Simon, nice to see you back with a new project, Something stylish with a French flavour sounds very exciting. I hope you find lots of goodies in amongst all your bits and pieces (I think we all have a few bits and pieces tucked away from earlier projects).


    1. Hey Andy
      Hope you are both well.
      I don't have a clue what I doing with this whole French style thing so fingers crossed... I've always lived it thought but felt this strange obligation to stick to British style. Silly I know.
      I've tried emailing you but it doesn't seam to get through. Drop me a line at:

  13. Hey Simon! Good to see you're back.
    Oh yes, that's my style of working! I dive into my the stuff I have first and get very annoyed when I can't find something I can use. I don't like having to go and buy stuff first, it stops my flow, so to speak. As you can imagine I have drawers full of stuff. But then again, which miniaturist doesn't ;-)
    Have fun working on your French house. I look forward to the personal touches you will give it.

    1. Hey Josje
      I'm slowly working through all the drawers, it's amazing what you find!
      Hope you are well
      Si x

  14. Hello Simon,
    Good to read that you are spreading your wings to do something French!
    I like to see someone take up a new challenge and I'm sure you will succeed, though I do love your British work also a lot.
    Glad you too are posting again