Saturday, 26 July 2014

A Name for my House!

Hi Guys

I hope your week has been a good one and those of you in this heat wave are staying cool.

Yesterday morning before I went to work I noticed the morning sunlight on my house and thought it looked so pretty I'd take a couple of pictures.

And this gave me the idea for the name of the house (finally, I hear you cry!) -

"Belle Pierre"

Which means lovely stone. I thought it was a sweet name and kind of in keeping with the ethos behind it's construction. Namely, easy going and welcoming. It also makes me imagine the wider environment of the house like where the stone would have been quarried and how it has aged over time.

This week I also took the purge and started on the roof! Here's an idea of where I'm going with it though as we all know this could very well change!!

Please excuse the black area, this was when I spray painted something black. I'm thinking of grey slate tiles (made from card) with lead finials and trim, and possibly the dormer window (to be in the centre) will be lead also, possibly stone. I'm planning to give the two urns at the front a green copper finish but we'll see how brave I am…

Lastly, here's a quick snap of the living room with a wall light fitted above the fireplace. I am going to run two circuits in the house I mean Belle Pierre - one for the main ceiling lights, and the other for all the auxiliary fixtures like sockets and lamps. And both will be controlled via two dimmer switches so I can create different moods.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone and I'll post more when I have it.
take care