Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Book of the Week No 4: John Fowler. Prince of Decorators

Hi Guys

That time of the week, again, and this time I have chosen the very wonderful (and I'm not a bit biased!) John Fowler. As the title of the books heralds, Mr Fowler is one of the UK's best loved interior decorators. Almost a legend in his own right. 


Pages 287
Width 24cm
Height 30cm
Tea Test - 8.5/10
First published in 2007 by Frances Lincoln Ltd

Please note another new addition to the facts list - a publication date, courtesy of Casey - by the way, Casey, the Mark Hampton book from last week was published in 2009 by Rizzoli. Thanks x

Well, I simply adore this book!
It is crammed full of wonderful interiors created by John and his very brilliant partner in crime Sibyl Colefax, not to mention the incorporable Nancy Lancaster. As in most books of this sort it chronicles John's career and the extraordinary path his life took. Along with the very grand spaces are more humble interiors, and even a section on his beloved Hunting Lodge. There is chintz in abundance, but not too much, and painted furniture galore. I bought this book cheap off eBay ages ago so I'm not too sure on it's current retail value but I found a copy on eBay just now for £4.99 !! A steal!!

I would rush out and grab one of these if you have any interest in the "classic British" look, or indeed just fascinated by mixing colours and textures in one room.

Thanks as always for your time and comments, they are lovely to read.
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