Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hall Way Beginnings

Hi All

I've been spending all my spare time trolling through lovely books finding inspiration for he house. My first hurdle was identifying the style and look. I said I wanted to go for a more contemporary look whilst still retaining a Georgian feel in keeping with what the new exterior will be. I didn't want something that was going to look dated too quickly.

My favourite part is the planning and I've spent most of Christmas thinking about the rooms I would like. I love the look of a great kitchen (think Whitledge & Burgess) but I also wanted a dining room. The other obvious room that was missing was a hall way, so I focused on the ground floor rooms first (of course I did go off on a tangent a lot and have plans for a lovely old attic space with round window - not like me not to stick to a plan!). Entrance Hall in the centre at the front door; Dining Room to the right of this, and to over come the problem of not enough space for a kitchen (because the hall took up too much) I thought I'd make a butlers pantry/come breakfast nook (not sure how this will turn out!?).

So, the Hall. I wanted the room to have some depth to it but be versatile enough so that I could change items of furniture should I wish. I started by laying the floor tiles and then planned to put the additional wall in after ion an attempt to make the tiling even. I say that like they are individual tiles but they are just a print effect piece of card. Incidentally I am using plain old balsa wood for the extra walls I'm putting in. it's the same depth as the current walls and SO easy to work with. No need for saws and sand paper!

In the picture below you can see the floor and wall in place (and a bit of the newly laid floor in the Dining Room!). There wasn't enough space to put the outside trim all the way round where the wall juts out so I left them off. you can't tell once the walls are in place and i hope the eye doesn't notice it.

I have had some really beautiful Chinese wallpaper kicking about for years but felt it was too "busy" to put in a large space so opted to put it, once and for all, in the hall. I've painted the walls below the chair rail in a light stone colour and all the outside facing ends of the internal walls are painted French grey, in an attempt to unify the whole house when viewed. You can see in the pic below how it works and hopefully your eye is not being drawn to the missing edge trim? (the floor looks a little crooked but it's just the camera).

The opening will also be topped off with some moulding and the stairs will lead up from the far left. I'm going to put the all important light sockets in later when I do the skirting board. I "built" the walls out using one half of a twin door component. I like the depth they add and the panelled effect will follow on from the door to the Dining Room.

Next will be the mouldings, electric and making the stairs!!! Luckily I only need to make it about 6 steps high as you can only see so far around the corner. I have some pretty Sue Cook banisters in brass that I will paint and then rub off to give them a more decorative, less blingy shiny  appearance.

Have a great week ahead everyone